Why Every Software Developer Should Invest in Third-Party Code Security

Security is always a pressing concern in software development. Many a developer has sat up late at night trying to figure out if they have left some crucial vulnerability in their latest build. Luckily, third-party code security software is becoming far more widespread. Third-party code security agencies can automate constant auditing of code so as to pick up on any minute doorways left open to hackers, thieves and spies. Here are four compelling reasons that every software developer should invest in – or convince their client to invest in – third-party code security.

The Dangers Are Ever Present

Software code is a major source of vulnerabilities. Bugs in software code have been the cause of some dreadful scares, like HeartBleed. HeartBleed was a bug present in Open SSL that allowed any internet user to save sensitive information about how applications communicated with each other.

One bad line of code can cost millions of dollars and even endanger lives. Code bugs have caused rocket explosions, missile red alerts and quadrillion dollar giveaways. It is vitally important that code integrity and security are constantly monitored in some way if a product is to remain trustworthy and safe.

Threats Are Always Evolving

Hackers are always thinking up new ways to use code vulnerabilities to exploit software. One of the most prominent ways of exploiting vulnerabilities has been injection. This is when a hacker ‘injects’ a line of code that allows for monitoring or administrative level changes. Third-party code security agencies have the benefit of being completely dedicated to monitoring new threats. They don’t care about the product or your deadlines – they just look for vulnerabilities opened up by new hacking tactics.

Automation Saves Time

Companies like SpectralOps have developed automated code auditing software. This is a huge timesaver. Instead of paying a company to manually audit code and check for vulnerabilities, you’ll be able to sit back and wait for a system to notify you that something is wrong. This means that you’ll not have to constantly monitor your client’s projects for vulnerabilities. Of course, you’ll still have to keep abreast of all the latest threats – you wouldn’t be much of a developer if you didn’t pay attention to emerging issues!

Your Reputation Is Built on Security

It goes without saying that your reputation as a software developer is partially reliant on the security you can offer your clients. Building insecure software will cost your clients money and intellectual property – and that means that it will cost you any future commissions that you would have snagged through reputation. Nobody wants to hire a developer that promises security and is then unable to deliver it during the lifetime of their product. The truth is that if you were to constantly audit and review code security for every project you have completed you would have no time to complete new software. Hiring in a third-party code security agency is simple, easy to explain to clients and pretty much hands-off.

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