In this video I look at a new 8 channel sub mixer I have started using. My main USB mixer is completely full with my various synths and drum machines connected so rather than buy another larger mixer I opted to go for a 8 channel sub mixer and then connect the mixer to my main audio interface.

The Moukey 8 Mixer has 8 stereo inputs that can switched between stereo or mono mode and two outputs. Each input has its own volume control and stereo/mono mode switch. The mixer is powered by a 5v Micro-USB cable so you can power it from laptop or PC or via mains via the supplied adapter. I found running it from my PC handy as I am running out of plug sockets on my desk. The mixer is very solid feeling with a metal enclosure that feels like it would take a few knocks without any issues.

So I plugged in my Korg Volca and a few synths and then connected the mixer to my main USB audio interface. There is no noise coming from the mixer which is more than I can say about the Korg Volca! With the volume controls you can balance out the inputs and for £39.99 on Amazon it’s a simple and easy device to setup and get all your devices connected at once.

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