Microsoft have released the April 2021 update for the Surface Duo. The update is available now for unlocked devices comes in at 338mb which is much bigger than the 82MB update last month. The update includes will include the April 2021 Android security updates and performance / stability improvements. As of yet Microsoft haven’t posted the details on what’s new but my quick play with the update seems to improve single screen experience e.g. closing apps with gesture.

I will update the post once I have the details.

UPDATE 23/04/2021

Here are the updates from Microsoft:

  • Addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin – April 2020.

  • Improves device stability and UI stability.
  • Improves device performance when opening and closing apps, accessing your recent apps, or swiping up to see all your apps.
  • Fixes the scenario where the wallpaper was not appearing after unlocking Surface Duo.
  • Fixes the scenario where a notification badge appears on top of a running app and causes the screen to turn black.

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