In this video I look at Drtopey Magnetic USB–C / MicroUSB charging cable. It is like a normal USB-C / MicroUSB cable but the part that connects to your device snaps magnetically into position. This means when you want to charge your device or transfer data from it you just snap the connector in place and you don’t have to plug anything in. This means it saves wear on your devices USB port which is great for a device like the Surface Duo with its fragile USB-C port.

Previously I tried a RAVID cable with a round connector but this didn’t allow the Surface Duo to close with the bumper in the place, this cable is slimmer and works perfectly. The pack cones with two cables and USB–C and MicroUSB connectors so you can use it with either type of devices. It supports fast charging and data transfer and costs £13.99 on Amazon.

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