Microsoft have announced the Surface Duo, its dual screen Android device will be available in the UK from 18th February. The Surface Duo originally was only available in the US when it launched last October. Over the last few months Microsoft have released several updates for the Duo which has improved stability, performance and got rid of some of the annoying bugs that troubled the device when first launched.

UPDATE: The UK price will be £1,349 and available from the Microsoft Store and Currys PC World.

The US price of the Surface Duo is currently $999 (reduced from the original price of $1399). There are no UK prices yet on the UK Microsoft Store but expect the pricing to be close to the US price. The device will go on sale on the 18th and should ship from the 18th.

I have been using the Surface Duo in the UK since November and love using the dual screen device. Despite some missing features like NFC and wireless charging I use it as my daily driver and go to device.

Here is my video update after I install the January update.

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