File this in the “just because you can” category, today I managed to get Windows 10X running on my old Lumia 950XL. I have experimented with Windows on ARM on the Lumia 950XL in the past and this version of Windows 10X runs better than standard desktop Windows. This isn’t unsurprising as 10X is designed for light weight devices but still its impressive to see running. Wifi works, sound works, and all the settings are here.

Most of the apps I tested worked like Weather and News but Microsoft Edge doesn’t work. The 950XL doesn’t work with GPU acceleration in Microsoft Edge (I never got it to work with Windows 10 either). As Windows 10X is locked down I couldn’t find a way to turn off GPU acceleration.

The build isn’t an official version so you can’t judge Windows 10X by this video but its interesting to see a future version of Windows running on an old device. Oh and don’t try this at home unless you want to break your 950XL (or at least have to factory reset it).

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