The Best Windows Apps You Need to Know About

When you buy a Windows device, apps make everything easier. You’ll want to know that your work habits and lifestyle are supported by offering the most useful services across all your devices.

Here are listed some of the best Windows apps for lifestyle, work and productivity.

  • Dropbox

This is a great app for media storage, especially if you want to share media with others who have a Dropbox account. Dropbox makes media cloud storage simple, and it allows you to view all files easily using a grid system by logging into your secure account. The basic plan is free to use, with 2GB of storage to start you off.

This can be a good alternative to OneDrive if you’d prefer not to use that, or you can use both.

  • Microsoft To-Do

Everybody needs a dedicated to-do list for the day, whether it’s for work or planning personal goals. A to-do list app can help you to feel more productive and make list-writing more fun or even collaborative, if you want to share your list with colleagues or friends.

This app allows you to create focused to-do lists and view them easily, and offers a My Day view and a personalised daily planner so that you can make sure your list is tailored for you.

You can also link up appointments, such as through your emails, to match up with your to-do list calendar.

  • Microsoft Azure

No app list is complete without a dedicated cloud computing service, and that’s what Azure offers. This platform offers over 200 products and services that are dedicated to offering solutions for both work and for your lifestyle, including seamless ways to store and share information. You can manage a number of applications across different premises and take advantage of Azure’s variety of frameworks.

You can also try Azure Cloud tutorials if you’re looking to get started.

  • Duolingo

If you’re looking to learn a new language in today’s world, your first port of call is going to be online services or apps that can allow you to do that. Duolingo is one of those great apps, and really handy if you want to dedicate time to brushing up on your language skills. This app makes learning a new language fun by offering interactive games and quizzes, too, so it doesn’t feel too pressurised.

It’s easy to fit learning into your day, and it’s also free.

  • Microsoft Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are great, and helpful if you’re a fan of writing key notes down to remember throughout the day. Classic sticky notes can be messy and encourage paper waste, so why not use an app for it instead?

The Sticky Notes app lets you easily set up as many sticky notes as you want even with a choice of vibrant or pastel colours and you can lay them out on your desktop screen in your preferred way.

You can pin your notes until they’re accomplished, close them and reopen whenever you wish, or even sync them across various devices.

So there you have it! Some of the best apps for data sharing, productivity and learning, easily installed on your Windows device.

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