Microsoft have announced that it’s making significate changes to the way it will deliver new features to Windows 10. Starting with Windows Insiders on the Beta channel Microsoft are testing the delivery of new features via a Windows Feature Experience Pack, the idea being features can be delivered independently from build OS. Currently only a small set of features are being tested with the new system but for Windows Insiders on the beta channel there is Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.1070.0.

The updates is delivered via Windows Update as normal and you need to be on build 19042.662 to get the feature pack.

Here are the changes to the OS:

  • Based on Insider feedback, you can now use the built-in screen snipping experience in Windows (WIN + SHIFT + S) to create a snip of your screen and paste it directly into a folder of your choice in File Explorer to save the screenshot there. Try it out!
  • Using the touch keyboard in a portrait posture on a 2-in-1 touch device now supports split keyboard mode.


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