I am really enjoying using the Microsoft Surface Duo, and have switched to using it full time. A few people have asked me about the car mount I use in the car as the Duo is a wide phone and not all cradles can hold it.

The cradle is a CHOETECH Fast Wireless Car Charger Mount which I bought to use a Samsung Galaxy Note 20, but with its spring adjustable sides it works well with the Surface Duo. One of the mail features of the mount is the wireless charging which the Surface Duo doesn’t support but as a mount it works very well.

It grips the Duo well especially with the bumpers on and you can still reach the volume and power buttons. It does obscure the finger print reader but I use my car as a trusted Bluetooth device to keep the phone unlocked in the car. If I need to charge the phone I can plug in the USB-C cable that would normally be used to power the mount.

The mount costs £20.99 and there may be cheaper ones available that doing have wireless charging but for me it is working really well.

Here is my video review of the Car Charger Mount for the Surface Duo:

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