Testing USB-C Docks with the Microsoft Surface Duo

UPDATE: I have tested USB-C docks with the Surface Duo 2, see my post for details

So far, I have loved using the Microsoft Surface Duo and with spending more time working from home I thought it would be good to see how well USB-C Docks work on the device. I already have a Dell USB-C Dock, a D-Link portable USB-C dock and I dug out my old Microsoft Display Dock (HD-500).

With USB-C docks and the Surface Duo it should be possible to have the Duo display on a monitor, control it with a keyboard and mouse while charging the devices. So, in this video I try the Dell USB-C Dock, D-Link DUB-M610 USB dock and the Microsoft Display Dock.

UPDATE: I have created a new version of this post looking at using USB-C docks with the Surface Duo 2

Dell USB C Dock (WD19 130W)

The D-Link USB-C Dock worked well. I connected my HDMI monitor, USB mouse and keyboard to the dock and then the USB-C dock to the Surface Duo. The Duo recognized the device straightway and mirrored the screen to the monitor. The keyboard and mouse worked perfectly and the dock powered the Duo. So, the Dell hub worked well with the Duo as a desktop dock.

D-Link DUB-M610

The D-Link dock is small portable dock which also has SD & MicroSD card slots. The display worked as did the keyboard and mouse. I plugged a USB-C charger into the dock which then powered the Duo. The D-Link dock is pocketable and a good option for the Duo.

Microsoft Display Dock (HD-500)

The Microsoft Display dock was designed for the Lumia 950 and 950XL and it’s getting pretty old now. Sadly, the only thing the Dock would do is power the Duo, no display or keyboard/mouse. I was  to thinking I could use the dock with the Duo but it looks like it is going to back into the draw to gather dust.

How well does a USB-C Dock work with the Microsoft Surface Duo?

The Surface Dou works very well with a USB-C Dock. Both screens mirror on the monitor which means you can split the screen and have two apps side by side. Mouse and keyboard are fully supported and the Duo can be charged while using the dock. The Duo isn’t a Windows PC replacement but with a dock you can be productive.

Let me know in the comments which USB-C hubs have worked for you with the Surface Duo.

6 thoughts on “Testing USB-C Docks with the Microsoft Surface Duo

  1. Thank you for researching Surface Duo USB-C docking and display. I wonder if you have tested connecting a Surface Duo to the newest Surface Dock? Also, when watching your video, I could not tell if you were using a USB-C to USB or USB-C to USB-C cable.

  2. I’m using the Dell WD19TB Thunderbolt Dock with mine. It charges and shows through the monitor. I have a Corsair Gaming Mouse and Keyboard connected to the dock and it shows up fine. The only two drawbacks I see with it are the ethernet connection does not seem to work and the dock only works as long as the screen is open. I have yet to figure out how to get it to work with the screen closed.

  3. This is pretty neat. And now that the original duo is the ‘older model’ I’m curious if anyone has tried using a docked duo set up to remote desktop into a regular PC and how well that works?

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