Microsoft have released a new Windows 10 for Windows Insiders on the dev channel. Once again it’s from the FE_RELEASE branch so that means no features and we still don’t have the features that we saw when in the PRERELASE branch. There are plenty of fixes in the build and still plenty of known issues.

UPDATE: Here is my hands on video

Here are the fixes and known issues:


We fixed an issue resulting in certain apps launching unexpectedly transparent in recent builds, with no content visible.

We fixed an issue where old SleepStudy etls were unexpectedly not being cleaned up.

We fixed an issue resulting in no response the first time a pen was clicked after being paired due to an underlying crash.

We fixed an issue resulting in touchpad scrolling no longer working on the tab in focus after closing a browser tab using CTRL+W while scrolling on a touchpad.

We fixed an issue where the some of the notifications related to block at first sight weren’t being localized.

We fixed an issue where when using Narrator in scan mode, it wasn’t possible to activate the “Sign in with pin or smart card” buttons in the authentication dialog using space or the enter key.

We fixed a recent issue where when both Wi-Fi and cellular were connected, if Wi-Fi disconnected the network flyout would say cellular was still connected, but apps wouldn’t actually be able to use the internet.

We fixed a high hitting DWM crash impacting some Insiders in the last few flights.

We fixed an issue that could result in Settings crashing when navigating to Storage Sense.

We fixed an issue resulting in app registration issues for some of the in-box apps with the previous flight after upgrading.

Known issues

We’re looking into reports of the update process hanging for extended periods of time when attempting to install a new build.

Live previews for pinned sites aren’t enabled for all Insiders yet, so you may see a grey window when hovering over the thumbnail in the taskbar. We’re continuing to work on polishing this experience.

We’re working on enabling the new taskbar experience for existing pinned sites. In the meantime, you can unpin the site from the taskbar, remove it from the edge://apps page, and then re-pin the site.

We’re working on a fix for an issue resulting in some users seeing error 0x80070426 when using their Microsoft account to sign into various apps. If you encounter it, rebooting your PC may resolve this.

We’re investigating an issue where, in recent Dev Channel builds, no drives appear under Settings > System > Storage > Manage Disks and Volumes. As a workaround, you can manage your disks in the classic Disk Management tool.

  • We’re investigating reports that some screens incorrectly have black text on dark backgrounds when dark theme is enabled.


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