The Surface Duo may not be available in the UK yet but I have managed to get my hands on one!

In this video I unbox Microsoft’s dual screen Android phone and take a look the device and go through the setup.

My first impression of the device is how well engineered the device is. The Surface Duo is thin without feeling fragile and when you close the device it has a very satisfying feel. Closed it is about the same thickness of my Samsung Galaxy Note 20, it’s wider but not as tall so no problems fitting it in my pocket.

In the box is a USB C charger for a US market but I have plenty of USB C chargers so this shouldn’t be a problem. Also included is a USB C cable and a Surface Bumper which I haven’t fitted yet.

The out of the box experience will be familiar to anyone that has setup an Android device before which the addition of a Microsoft account signin. Once signed in you there is a brief tutorial showing you how to use the dual screens and then you are ready to go.

I am going to do a review of the device once I have had spent some time with the device but my initial impression of the dual screen is it opens up many productivity possibilities. With the different postures and the possibilitie of using a Surface pen I can see this is going to be a great device for productivity. In my next video I will look at some of these features and see how well the device actually works.

Here is my unboxing and setup video of the Surface Duo

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