In this video I show you how I am running Android apps on Windows 10 via Microsoft’s YourPhone app. For it to work you need a compatible Android phone (which means a recent Samsung devices, see this list) and Windows 10 with the YourPhone app.

Once your phone and PC are linked via your Microsoft account you can see all the Android apps installed on your phone and run them directly from Windows. You can pin Android apps to the taskbar or Start menu and launch directly from Windows. You can interact with them via the keyboard and mouse or your PCs touch screen. I am using it on Surface Laptop and it works really well with using touch and you interact with apps just as you would on your phone. It works really well and is really simple to get setup.

The apps are not running on Windows 10, they still run on your phone which needs to be on the same network as your PC.

So as you can see in the video running Android apps on Windows 10 works really well and if you have compatible phone you should give it a try.

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