Video: Monitor your greenhouse with a smart hygrometer/thermometer

In this video I setup and testing a Govee Wi-Fi thermo-hygrometer (H5051)

Having recently setup up a greenhouse I wanted a way of monitoring the temperature without resorting to an old fashioned thermometer on the wall. So I opted for a Wi-Fi enabled device that monitors the temperature and humidity and have all the details sent back to my phone. I also wanted to have an LCD display in the greenhouse displaying the current temperature so I am not totally dependent on my phone.

The Govee device has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, comes with mounting kit and three AAA batteries.

To get started you use Bluetooth to send over your home’s Wi-Fi setup to the device and then you can view the current temperature and humidity along with historical details. You can setup low and high alerts and export the data to a CSV file.

As you can see in the video, it’s simple to get and use and the Wi-Fi reception is good. So far the only issue I can see with it is that you can’t link the device to a 3rd party service like IFTTT which you could use to trigger a device like a heater or fan, so if you get an alert it is down to you to act on it.

The Govee Temperature Humidity Monitor costs £42.99 on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Video: Monitor your greenhouse with a smart hygrometer/thermometer

  1. I’m looking to buy this as a gift but worry about the reviews on the connection dropping out. Could you shed any light on this please? Regards, Laura.

  2. I’ve read the reviews for the Switchbot and there’s a lot of complaints about it being ‘very basic’. So would you not recommend the Govee so much now it’s a few months down the line?

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