If you have a recent Samsung phone it probably supports DeX which is Samsung desktop like experience that enables you to extend your phone to a monitor, keyboard and mouse and use it like a PC. Normally you use a HDMI cable to connect to a TV but you can also use DeX wirelessly and steam to an Xbox or Windows PC. While it doesn’t come close to a PC experience, it can be handy to show off your pictures or an app on your TV via an Xbox. The same setup can also be used to stream to a Windows PC.

In this video I show how to get it working and what you can do with it. I also show you how to use Microsoft’s Your Phone app to stream Android apps directly to Windows 10 which I find a better solution than Dex.

How to setup Dex with an Xbox or Windows 10 PC

If you have a support Samsung phone and an Xbox or Windows 10 PC with wireless all you do is run the Connect app. You should be able to find the connect app in the Windows start menu (or in the apps list on an Xbox). If you find the app isn’t on your PC you will need to able it in Optional Features.

To enable Connect go to Settings / Apps & features / Optional features (or type Optional features into the search box on the start menu).

Click on the Add a feature button

Scroll down the list and select Wireless Display, then click on Install.

Once installed fire up the Connect app and then go to your phone, swipe down and hit the Dex button and then you should see your Xbox or PC show up

Select your device and it should start streaming to your PC or Xbox. You can control the pointer using a virtual trackpad on the phone and use the phones on-screen keyboard to enter text.

I found a better to see your phone on a Windows 10 PC is to use Your Phone. With Your Phone you can mirror the screen, launch and run apps and use the PC’s keyboard, mouse or touch screen. Is a great app and you can see my how-to video here.

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