Video: How to find, lock and manage your Windows devices from

In this video I show you how you can remotely manage your Windows 10 devices when you sign-into them with a Microsoft account. You can use the service to find your PC, remotely lock it and check on its system health.

To get started go where you will see all your Windows devices that you have signed in on with your Microsoft account.

From there you will see an overview of all your devices. Click on Show details and it will show your devices health, so you would get warnings for virus alerts, security settings that need configuring and the Windows Update status.

You can click on Find my device and it will show on a map where your device last updated it’s status (You have to have enabled Find my Device in the Windows 10 settings for this to work, checkout my video for how turn it on).

You can click on Find and the service will attempt to locate your device and you can remotely lock it using the Lock button. Obviously the device will need to be powered on and connected to a network for this to work.

It’s a very handy a tool for managing your devices and well worth checking out its features.

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