Video: Boost your productivity windows in Windows 10 with Windows Key shortcut

There are a lot of keyboard short cuts in Windows 10. Most of us use things like Control C for copy, v paste and X for cut. But did you know there are some really useful shortcut keys using the Windows button?

In this video I go through some of my favourites:

First one combination that is really helpful for switch applications.

Windows Key and a number brings up the application in your taskbar.

So Windows 1 brings up the first app, 2 the 2nd and so on and if you hold down shift it brings a new instant.

It saves you having to take your hands off the keyboard and can be quick than alt-tabbing

You can also use Windows T to cycle through them.

Windows A – Action Center

Windows D – show the desktop

Windows E – shows explorer

Windows G – Gamebar

Windows I – Settings

Windows K – Connect

Windows L – lock your pc

Windows M – minimize all

Windows R – run

Windows S – search

Windows V – opens the clipboard (you need to turn it on in settings)

Windows , – peek at your desktop until released

Windows Left,right, up down to move the window

If you have dual monitors try Windows Shift Left or right to move the active windows to another monitor

These are some of the ones I find most useful in my day to ay working of Windows 10 and I hope they help you.

I would recommend installing Powertoys as there is a nice app that is a handy hint of the Windows Keys.

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