HP announce the Reverb G2 Windows Mixed Reality headset, with more cameras and new controllers

HP have announced its next generation of Windows Mixed Reality headset. The Reverb G2 has two 2160×2160 LCD panels, a new lenses design and 10mm built in speakers. It comes with adjustable IPD (Interpupillary distance) so you can get the perfect setup for your eyes.

The main change is the Reverb G2 now has four cameras rather than the two from the original Windows Mixed Reality headsets which should improve the hand tracking, especially when the controls are not directly in front of the headset. There is also an improved controller with improved ergonomic design and two additional buttons per controller.

Just as the other WMR headsets it works with VR apps and games from the Microsoft Store and SteamVR. No price details on HP’s site, I have seen reports that its $599 in the US. The pre-order button takes you to a register interest form (US only).

It doesn’t look like a massive leap forward for VR headsets but an interesting device.

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