With Windows Mixed Reality Microsoft gives you the ability to create custom environments that you can use as your home location. I created a couple of custom environments and a guide on how to create your own. Installing can be a bit complicated but there is a great new app that makes finding and installing them really simple. The app is called SkySpaces and it enables you to browse community created environments and install them into your WMR system.

A couple of my custom environments are featured in the app along with other great layouts. The app is really simple to use and a free download from skyspaces.app.

Here are the step by step instructions:

SkySpaces has a gallery of custom environments, and it’s really easy to use:

Download and install the SkySpaces app from the website (skyspaces.app)

Open the SkySpaces app (via the desktop shortcut or your Start menu)

The app may take a few seconds to load, especially on slower PCs

Take a look through the environments in the SkySpaces gallery, and tap Install on any you like

Once an environment is installed, you can uninstall it by just tapping the Uninstall button

Open the Mixed Reality Portal (or if it was already open, close and re-open it)

Press the Start button, and in the Start menu, tap on the “Places” button at the top right

The Places menu will include MS’ two stock environments (Cliff House and Sky Loft), along with any environments you’ve installed through SkySpaces

Tap on the environment you’d like to explore

A 3D launcher object will appear in front of you – tap on it to go to your selected environment

WMR will open in whatever the last-selected environment was, so if you’d like to return to the Cliff House or any other environment, repeat steps 5-8

So you can relax in a custom garden, live in a Minecraft world or hide out in cave. If you have a Windows Mixed Reality setup you should give it a try.



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