Microsoft have updated the Windows Mixed Reality addin for SteamVR. The beta version is 1.1.138 and includes an optional feature to disable controller thumbstick opening the system menu. This means the action is available for VR games and it won’t bring up the SteamVR menu, handy if you keep catching the button during game play.

The update also fixes skeletal input issues and fixes graphic related performance issues. It is great to see Microsoft continue to enhance SteamVR integration for Windows Mixed Reality users.
UPDATE 10/02/2020 Microsoft have updated the app to fix an issue introduced in the update

Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR Beta has been updated to version 1.1.145. This build contains the following changes:
Fixes a regression introduced in the last beta that may result in extra blurriness when running some titles.


Exposes an optional feature to disable using controller thumbstick clicking to open the system menu. When the thumbstick-click for system menu is disabled, the key action becomes available for VR titles. You may still open the SteamVR dashboard by opening the WMR menu with your controller and clicking the Steam icon.

Fixes a few issues with skeletal input and enables skeletal input by default.

Fixes a graphics-related performance issue.


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