Video: How to join the Windows Insider Program

If you are looking to try out the latest versions of Windows 10 and would like to get your feedback directly to the developers then Microsoft have a programme designed for you. The Windows Insider Program (or programme depending on your version of English) is designed for IT professionals and tech enthusiasts to be able test Windows 10 and submit feedback to the team developing the OS.

If you want to get testing Windows 10, all you need is a PC. Before you start you need to be aware that development builds of Windows 10 can be unstable and you could end up having to re-install Windows if it all goes wrong, so make sure you don’t use you essential machine with test builds.

In this video I take you step by step through the process of setting your PC up on the Windows Insider Program and the various options the program has including explaining the different “rings” that Microsoft offers.

More details on my Windows Insider step by step guide.

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