Microsoft have updated the Windows Mixed Reality addin for SteamVR. The beta version is 1.1.76 and it includes experimental support for skeletal input which should improve many of the games using SteamVR. Skeletal input is used by many games to show the position of your hands in game so they should look a lot better with this option switched on.

Also in this update Start menu shortcuts are not added automatically for SteamVR games. They will only show up when SteamVR has started.

While they are minor changes it is great to see Microsoft working on improvements for Windows Mixed Reality.

Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR Beta has been updated to version 1.1.76. This build contains the following changes:

Added experimental support for exposing skeletal input data. This can be enabled by setting enableSkeletalInput to true in default.vrsettings.

Disabled the Start menu shortcut generator from running automatically. As a result, new titles downloaded will only show up in the WMR Start menu once SteamVR has been started. We’re continuing to work on improving this experience.


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