Back in April 2019 Acer announced a brand new Windows Mixed Reality headset as part of its ConceptD range designed for creators. The Acer ConceptD OJO headset would have resolution of 4320 x 2160, adjustable head strap, detachable design and adjustable IPD. It would have been one of the best headset available for Windows Mixed Reality and primarily aimed at content creators and professional setups.

Since the original announcement Acer have never mentioned the OJO WMR headsets and it looks like Acer have cancelled their plans for the headset completely. According to Acer said “”We have decided to discontinue the development and production of the ConceptD OJO headset.”.

It is not really surprising that Acer have cancelled the headset, Microsoft have shown little interest in promoting the system despite continue develop the platform. Acer launched the OJO 500 last year but I couldn’t find any reference to it on Acer’s web site. I wrote about the rise and fall of Windows Mixed Reality a couple of weeks ago which I wrote with a heavy heart as I am very much a fan of the platform.

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