Microsoft have updated the Windows Mixed Reality Portal for Windows 10. Version 2000.19081.1301.0 of the portal fixes an issue with incorrect error messages where there is a hardware problem. So now you will receive a more specific error code for your device which should help diagnose technical issues.

Microsoft have also published documentation of the JSON file that is used to configure the WMR portal for Location Based Entertainment scenarios. With the JSON file you can configure the portal to do for things like skipping room setup and show the preview in full screen. This designed for situations where WMR systems are deployed in kiosks or entertainment areas and you don’t want users changing settings.

Here are the things you can change:

  • Allow failed system checks – normally the setup process checks the PC for compatibility with Windows Mixed Reality before completing setup. Bypassing this may cause issues when trying to run Windows Mixed Reality if there are compatibility issues.
  • Skip Device Companion App – the DCA provides headset-specific setup steps provided by the manufacturer and allows for updating the headset’s firmware.
  • Skip room setup – instead of being prompted to create a room boundary, you can proceed directly into the headset in Seated/Standing mode.
  • Skip installing apps from the Store – normal setup installs several Store apps including 3D Viewer and the Edge 360 Viewer add-on. This will skip the install of these apps, but you may be missing device functionality.
  • Show preview in full screen – Mixed Reality Portal will default to showing the headset preview in full-screen on the desktop PC while the headset is in use.
  • Hide New for you side panel – this prevent the New for you panel from being expanded on launch of Mixed Reality Portal.

You can read how to change your setup on Microsoft’s docs site.

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