In this video I unbox, setup and test out the Gosund smart plugs. The pair of smart plugs cost £18.99 and there is no smart hub required. As you can see in the video the plugs are smaller than many of the other brands smart plugs I have tested, meaning that they don’t block out the adjacent plug in a standard UK double socket. Setup is simple, everything is done from Gosund’s app called “Go Smart” (iOS and Android). It only took me a few minutes to get them both smart plugs setup.

There are few different ways to control the plugs once setup. The app has a range of rules called Smart Scenes that you can use to control a plugs, so you could smart things like set a plug to turn on at dusk (based on your location) and then turn off at sunrise. You have triggers like weather, time, temperature that can control a plug or groups of plugs. I currently use IFTTT to control for these kind of tasks so having it all available in the app makes things a lot simpler. You can still use IFTTT to control the plugs if there is something the app doesn’t support.

Most of us want to control smart plugs via Amazon Alexa and Google Home and the Gosund plugs support both assistants. With Alexa you enable the Gosund skill in the Alexa app and link your account. You can then ask Alexa to detect devices which in my case was simple and quick. Once detected you can use Alexa to control the plugs with your voice or Alexa’s routines.

The pair of plugs costs £18.99 on Amazon which is about the price I have paid for one smart plug in the past so these plugs a cheap, simple to use and simple to setup. In this video I setup the Gosund plugs and link them up to my Amazon Alexa.

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