Microsoft are currently testing the next major update to Windows both internally and with Windows Insiders. Codenamed 20H1 the update is due the first half of 2020.

With the 20H1 update Microsoft have tried to reduce the footprint of the OS so they have moved many of the familiar Windows components to the Optional feature list and therefore you may find a feature missing after an upgrade or install.

Here is list of optional components in Windows 10 20H1, which were part of previous versions of Windows 10. If you want to install or install the components go to Settings / Apps ad featured and then click on the Optional Features link.

Feature Installed Out of the box Description
Windows Fax and Scan No Good old Windows Fax and Scan application. I can’t imagine that many people use this anymore but its still around if you need it.
Wireless Display No Project to this PC (Miracast) client. I known a lot of people use this.
Microsoft Paint Yes Microsoft’s venerable image editor
Steps Recorder Yes A tool for recording steps on Windows, useful for providing diagnostic information
WordPad Yes Not as simple as Notepad and not as featured Word, I can’t expect many use it . Shipped with Windows since Windows 95

I will keep the table updated as Microsoft make changes to 20H1.

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