Today Acer announced its full range of ConceptD Notebooks designed for creators which include NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, 9th gen Intel Core processors and impressive screens. The devices are impressive but what was missing is their ConceptD OJO Windows Mixed Reality headset.

First announced back in April as part of Acer’s ConceptD range the OJO would be the best WMR headset on the market with its 4320 x 2160 display resolution and detachable head strap. I was hoping that we would find out the availability of Acer’s Windows Mixed Reality headset and we would find out a price at today press conference but it seems not to be.

Does that mean that the latest and possible best Windows Mixed Reality is dead? Does that confirm what many people have speculated that Microsoft is going to abandon the close mixed reality headsets and just focus on the HoloLens 2? It may well be the case.

If anybody spots the Acer ConecptD OJO in the wild please let me know!

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