Let me take you back to December 1999. IT consultants and making fortunes out of millennium bug planning, the Pentium III was the fastest new processor and Microsoft were working a new operating system for consumers to replace Windows 98.

For your home PC you would have a proper 32bit Operating system code named Windows Neptune and at work you would have Windows 2000. Sadly Microsoft’s vision of the year 2000 didn’t come to pass and instead your home PC would be running the old DOS based and somewhat crash prone Windows ME (Millennium Edition).

Neptune was based on Windows 2000 and had many of the concepts seen in Windows ME like Active Desktop and some new like HTML Activity Centers and child accounts and even the first Windows Firewall.

In this video I roll back the clock to look a leaked version of Windows Neptune, build 5111 from December 1999. You can see the new Activity Centers, new UI and I remember why Active Desktop was such a bad idea.

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