Recently I have had a bit of fun delving into the past and trying out old version of Windows 10 and I thought I share a version of Windows that never made the release stage. You can see how I setup the operating systems on video on how to run old versions of Windows on Windows 10 using Hyper-V.

UPDATE: Check out my video of the cancelled Windows Neptune OS.

In this video I go back to 2004 and the time of Windows Longhorn! Windows Longhorn was designated to be the replacement for Windows XP and was an massive project with new UI concepts, new file system and integration with the .net framework.

In 2004 Microsoft reset the Longhorn project due to splitting time scales, problems with stability and the new focus on Trustworthy Computing and they started again using Windows Server 2003 as a base so Longhorn never made it to the finished product.

In this video I look at build 4093 from August 2004 which was the last leaked build before the project was reset. I thought it would be interesting to take a tour of the OS and look at some of the concepts that made there way to Windows Vista and some that didn’t.

Coming soon I have Windows Nepture the cancelled consumer Windows project.

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