Microsoft have updated the Windows Mixed Reality addin for SteamVR. The beta version of WMR for SteamVR has improvements to the GPU frame time, GPU memory utilisation and other tweaks, which should mean smoother game play when using Windows Mixed Reality on SteamVR.

There is also a fix to a motion reprojection bug.

Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR Beta has been updated to version 1.0.572. This build contains the following changes:

Improvements to GPU frame time and GPU memory utilization

Improve the motion vector “auto” thresholds based on user feedback

Remove the renderTargetScale setting. On Windows 1903 and later, app buffers are dynamically sized based on what the running app needs. On Windows 1809 and earlier, the maximum value possible on those operating systems is used.

Motion reprojection indicator display bug fix for applications that used aspect ratios different than the HMD


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