MediaPortal is a .net based Windows Media Center alternative, which supports music, video pictures and TV. The MediaPortal team have a pre-release version of 1.23 called Regeszter Edition is remembrance of developer regeszter who died earlier this year.

Today we want to commemorate one of our developers who has left us forever at the beginning of the year through his sudden death.
That’s why we dedicate this MediaPortal pre release version to “regeszter” aka Attila, who spent a lot of time coding and with his innovative ideas made sure that you can enjoy a unique software – alone, with your family or with your friends.
Therefore we are pleased to announce the new version of MediaPortal named “MP 1.23 pre release “.
Thank you for your understanding.

Here are the changes with this release:


  • [MP1-4967] – Increase timeout delay of AsyncDNSReverseLookup for fix the timeout problem.


  • [MP1-4777] – Use MP-MediaInfo package

Improvement / Rework:

We improved this functions :

  • [MP1-4314] – Hardcoded labels in Titan
  • [MP1-4842] – Remove extra skin files from Titan
  • [MP1-4948] – Add Year thumb support to MyMusic
  • [MP1-4950] – Fetch Actor details and thumbs when Movie updated
  • [MP1-4951] – Add TMDB support to MP grabbers
  • [MP1-4953] – Add #Actor.Movies.Progress property to GUIVideoArtistInfo
  • [MP1-4955] – Add 3D and HDR mark to MyVideo
  • [MP1-4958] – Inconsistent date display format in TV Guide
  • [MP1-4959] – Enable user configuration of PowerScheduler active port monitoring
  • [MP1-4960] – Update Titan skin
  • [MP1-4962] – Update libbluray to 1.1.2 and freetype 2.10
  • [MP1-4963] – TV Zap OSD rework
  • [MP1-4964] – TVE3 – Implement recording file name/file path length checking
  • [MP1-4965] – Add MIME view level in music view

Along with the above items we kept consolidating our software.

Important Notes:

This Release will break all plugins who use MediaInfo, please report issues on dedicated thread, related to plugin.


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