Something a little different came across my desk this week, an antibacterial and antimicrobial protection for your devices. The product is called bioarmor-nano which is a liquid coating which you apply to your phone, tablet and PCs. Bioarmor say that  the coating provides protection against 99.99% harmful microbes (mold, fungus, MRSA, E-coli etc).

The pack contains a pre-clean wipe, cleaning cloth and the nano coating. Each wipe is enough to cover four mobile phones and four tablets.

The way the system works is you clean your device with the supplied wet wipe and then apply the coating using the cloth. You allow to dry which is about 5 minutes and then you can use your device, after 5 hours it will be fully dry and protected. The makers say an application last up to three months.

The first step is to clean your devices with the provided wet-wipe. I found I could clean three laptops / tablets and my phone before the cloth dried out.

Next you use the provided stickers to pick off any dust from your devices.

You then apply the coating with the supplied cloth. This takes about five minutes to dry and you can coat multiple devices in one go.

After completion it does seem like there is a slight film on the device. After it had dried I used the cleaning cloth and that seem to clean it up.

The makers say that the coating reduces germs on your device and protects screens. It remains to be seen how effect it is but for now my devices look nice and clean. I will update the post in a couple of weeks.

The kit costs £12.99 from and thanks to BioArmor for sending a pack to try.

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