HP Reverb Pro Windows Mixed Reality headset coming to the UK but the US launch has been delayed (updated)

In the US there have been recent launched of new Windows Mixed Reality headsets like the Samsung Odyssey+, here in the UK we haven’t seen any sign of them. The good news is that HP are planning to launch its latest Windows Mixed Reality headset in the UK soon. We don’t have a price for the headset yet in the UK but US price is $649. HP are aiming the Reverb Pro at commercial setups rather than consumers but HP are planning to sell them to individuals as well as businesses.

UPDATE: According to a post on Reddit the Reverb release has been delayed due to an issue causing the product to be recalled, and retails can not currently sell the device.

HP Reverb recalled from r/WindowsMR

The HP Reverb Pro is one of the best Windows Mixed Reality headsets available with 114 degree field if view, 2160 x 2160 screen that HP say removes any screen door effects and it has adjustable spatial audio.

More info on HP UK’s site where you can also subscribe to their newsletter to get info when the device launches.

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