This week Microsoft have released the Windows 10 May 2019 Update, the latest update to Windows 10 (version 1903). There are many new features in the update and here are my favorite:

Light Theme

My favourite new feature in 19H1 is light mode. Window already had a dark mode but now there is a new light mode, which lifts the look of the OS. With light mode the start menu, task bar and notification centre all have the new light colour look. Light mode looks especially good in tablet mode. So now you have the choice between light and dark mode, I only wish you could have Windows change automatically between the modes depending on the time of day.

Windows Mixed Reality

One of the biggest changes with this release is the many improvements to Windows Mixed Reality Microsoft’s virtual reality platform. Microsoft have changed the start menu, added the ability to run apps while in apps and run desktop / Win32 apps from Windows Mixed Reality.

New Start Menu

Microsoft have redesigned the start menu with a 3D layered look. It has a curved card style to the UI with the icons and text floating about the card.

New UI elements

There new elements that make it easier to grab and re-size objects and Windows as well as a new follow me icon that un-pins an object and it stays in your focus as you move around.

Win32 / Desktop apps in Windows Mixed Reality

A big change with this release is desktop / Win32 apps can now run in mixed reality. The feature is currently in beta and I could only get traditional desktop apps like Excel to work but Microsoft are continue to develop the feature. They work just like store apps and you can place them anywhere in your environment. So you could create a virtual office or development centre all within mixed reality.

Apps within immersive apps

When hit the Windows button in an immersive app it brings up the new style start menu where you can launch other apps. With the October 2018 update Microsoft created a new small menu which is brought up when you hit the Window button while in an imerssive app, in the menu you can go back the Cliff House to launch an app, take or photo or record a video. With the new option hitting the Windows button brings up the mixed reality start menu where you can launch another app, so you could have Twitter running while still in your immersive app.

All the changes Microsoft have made to Windows Mixed Reality make it much more productive and WMR looks better. It is great to see how Microsoft are improved Windows Mixed Reality with every release.

Windows Sandbox

Windows Sandbox is a new virtual environment designed so you can run apps in isolation. It like having a virtual PC that resets each time you start it up. It is part of Windows 10 Pro / Enterprise and you do not need to create or download any Windows images.

Reserved Storage Space

Even found you can’t complete a Windows 10 Upgrade due to lack of disk space? With Reserved Storage Space Windows will keep about 7GB of your devices storage so that Windows 10 can use it for updates in the future. This feature is only enabled on clean installs of the OS, or via a registry setting (see my guide).

You can follow my guide if you want to get the update.

Here is my video review of the Windows 10 May 2019 Update:

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