For the past few weeks on the our weekly podcast The Digital Lifestyle Show I have been using the Blue Yeti Nana USB microphone. I love the audio quality and the simplicity of the USB connection.

The microphone costs around £75 on Amazon and is a great microphone for podcasters, Youtubers and for recording meetings. It has two modes, a cardioid for recording a single source and a omnidirectional mic for capturing things like conference calls and multiple people. There is a button on the back for selecting the modes. The cardioid microphone records just from the front, I found it still does pickup some audio from the rear but it does reduce echo and background noise. If you want to record a meeting then the omnidirectional microphone picks up 360-degree sound.

Connection is just a standard USB cable so you do not need any special audio interfaces which is simple and as there are no drivers needed you can get started really quickly. The audio quality is excellent, recording at 24but/48kHz.

There is a mute button on the front but no gain control, so if you want to adjust the recording level you will need to adjust it in Windows. Windows 7, 8 , 8.1 and Mac are all supported.

Included is a desk stand and there is a mounting point for a boom or stand.

At £75 the microphone is great for conference calls, Skype calls or recording YouTube videos. You can listen to the quality on our podcast and in this video I show the differences between the built in video of my camera and the Yeti Nano.

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