Microsoft are investigating a problem with the HoloLens causing the Microsoft Store and other apps to stop working. After a recent update the Microsoft Store crashes as do other apps like the Photos app and Microsoft Edge. There currently isn’t a work around and many of the Microsoft and 3rd party app will no longer work. I recently had this exact problem with my HoloLens and only a device reset would fix it.

The reason for the issue is to do with a Microsoft .Net framework update failing and Microsoft are working on a resolution.

Here are the details from Microsoft:

Issues launching the Microsoft Store and Apps on HoloLens

You may experience issues when trying to launch the Microsoft Store and Apps on HoloLens. We’ve been investigating with the highest urgency and have determined that an automatic app update delivered a new version of the .NET Native Framework (version 10.0.25531 to 10.0.27413) that doesn’t correctly update for all apps consuming the prior version of the framework. The flow for framework update is as follows: –

The new framework package is downloaded from the store and installed

All apps using the older framework are ‘updated’ to use the newer version

If step 2 is interrupted before completion then any apps for which the newer framework wasn’t registered will fail to launch from the start menu. We believe the current impacted apps to be the Microsoft Store App and Apps on HoloLens.

Unfortunately, at this point we do not have any known work arounds but rest assured that we’re working around the clock to address this issue and we’ll reach out with updates as we work towards a remedy.

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