HP have officially announced its next generation Windows Mixed Reality headset. The HP Reverb is available next month starting at $599 and comes with two Windows Mixed Reality controllers. HP are also offering a commercial edition, which has a leather face cushion and extra cables.

The headset has two 2160 x 2160 2.89 LCD screens with a 114 degree field of view. It has 90Hz refresh rate but to get the full performance with the higher resolution displays you are going to need DisplayPort 1.3 and a GTX 1080 or higher graphics card. Unlike most other Windows Mixed Reality headsets the new HP Reverb comes with removable headphones and HP say they have focused on making the headset comfortable as possible. The 4k display and 90Hz refresh rate mean this will be the best available Windows Mixed Reality headset.

Included in the box:

• HP Reverb Virtual Reality Headset – Professional Edition

• 3.5m headset cable for desktop and mobile PC’s

• 0.6m headset cable for HP Z VR Backpack wearable VR PC (Z VR backpack PC sold separately)

• 2 motion controllers

• 1 DisplayPort to mini-DisplayPort™ adapter

• Setup document

• 1 year limited warranty

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