HP are working on a next-gen Windows Mixed Reality Headset

The initial launch of Windows Mixed Reality saw headsets from Acer, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung. Over the last 12 months, we have seen Samsung update their headset along with Acer.

It looks like HP may be taking Windows Mixed Reality to another level with its next gen headset. In a post on roadtovr.com Ben Lang has details of HP’s up-coming headset codenamed Copper.

While the initial batch of headsets stuck very much to Microsoft’s reference design is seems HP’s new device is going to be a step up with display and design. The headset has a display of 2160 x 2160 per eye much higher than the current highest on market 1440 x 1600 of the Samsung Odyssey+. That is going to make for an extremely sharp picture and probably no screen door effect. HP has also focused on comfort with a new top over strap design.

From the article, it looks like HP are going to pitch this as a professional product but also sell it to consumers as well. There are no price or release details yet but it looks a very interesting development.

Head over to Roadtovr.com for the full report.

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