The Emby team have released an update to Emby with version 4.0.2. The update fixes a number of issues with the version 4 release. Emby is a great alternative to Windows Media Center which clients for iOS, Android, Windows, ROKU and lots more.

Here are the changes:

  • Resolve slow scans for movie libraries
  • Various fixes for mixed content detection
  • Fix multi-version movie support for mixed content libraries
  • Fix season shuffle
  • Fix hevc main 10 stream copying not happening
  • Fix continue watching not respecting sub-folder access
  • Fix shared user data for duplicated movies
  • Improve image language prioritization
  • Fix live tv recordings tab pulling media from wrong folders
  • Fix playlists and collections being case sensitive
  • Fix next episode autoplay in Firefox
  • Update Omdb to ignore #DUPE# results.
  • Fix forgot pin redirect
  • Fix continue listening header text
  • Fix alpha picker overlapping now playing bar
  • Fix favorite movies getting collection setting
  • Remove unnecessary conversion of .smi subtitles causing failures
  • Improve support for OpenSubtitles VIP status
  • Add folder views to Dlna
  • Add type icons to metadata manager sidebar
  • Prevent movies from inheriting images from parent folders
  • Improve dynamic probing of media with multiple media sources
  • Add workaround for image related crashing


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