The Emby team have released an update to Emby 4, which was released last week. Version 4.01 has a number of fixes to the media center alternative including fixes for Apple TV, sub folder detection and search improvements:

4.0.1 has gone out to address a few issues we’ve uncovered with the new 4.0 release. Here are the highlights:

Fix movie matching regression of failing to determine movie year from file name

Fix sporadic video crashes on Apple TV

Improve external subtitles with HLS

Various fixes for .ignore files

Fix movie sub-folder detection with mixed content libraries

Add EMC seasons workaround

Fix editing of user preference access option

Fix A-Z picker on folders tabs

Add music videos to search results

Ensure resume options are available for audio books content type

Add played filter to songs tab

Remove display of year on collections list

Remove erroneous Dlna setting

Add list view to music screens

Show year for collection items

Show artists in playlists

Emby Server is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, NAS devices and Docker. There are clients for Windows, iOS, Android, Roku, the browser and many others. Head over the to the download page to get the server.

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  1. Be careful if you have clients. As of last night, I needed a beta client for Kodi to make it work. The forum says it should be stable soon (can\’t remember if it was this week or next).

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