The 2nd release candidate of Kodi v18 has been released. Version 18 of Kodi has proven to be very reliable for me so far.

Here are the changes with RC2. You can find the download link on

Changes in RC2

Most notable changes to mention in this Release Candidate:

Update documentation regarding Python and Skin develoment: Kodi Doxygen

Linux powermanagement: change logind detection to also use Dbus

Android: Fix playback for some PVR add-ons

Fix performance issue in PVR recording sub menu by reducing number of resume point update requests

Android: Assign joysticks in order of MRU (last activation)

Fix crash when an add-on did not define a version number

VideoPlayer: fix state of a/v players after switching refresh rate

Add new setting that allows to hide “spoiler” text for TV shows or movies

Of course there are several more changes which are listed on our github repository found here: RC1 changes.

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