Microsoft have released a new app for Windows that enables you to create 360 drawings and then view them in 360 degrees with a device like Windows Mixed Reality.

Using Windows Ink you draw on the 360 degree canvas and then export it as a 3D jpeg or web page. You can then view the sketch in Windows Mixed Reality and HoloLens. It could be used for architects or developers wanting to sketch an environment.

It works on HoloLens and Windows 10. To view the image on HoloLens I have to use the Look @t for HoloLens app.

The app is free and is a Microsoft Garage Project.

Sketch 360 is a drawing app that helps you create 360 drawings from a single point looking out in all directions. These sketches can then be viewed in a web browser in a 360 viewer on your own web pages or on sites like or Facebook. Sketch the real world – or the virtual! You draw with pens, pencils, and highlighters on a digital canvas using Windows Ink and can see what the end result will look like in 360 while you are drawing it. An equirectangular perspective grid helps you while you draw with a stylus, mouse, or your finger. If you share your 360 sketches, please tag them with #Sketch360! Sketch 360 is a Microsoft Garage Project.

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