Amazon have released an Alexa app for Windows 10 (US, Germany & UK). The app enables you to talk to the Amazon assistant via your PC and control you home. You can do all the normal things that you do with the Alexa device like controlling your smart home, check your calendar or playing music.

The apps is available from the Microsoft Store and there are just a couple of screens to go through to get it setup.

Once signed in there is a voice button so you can start controlling Alexa and there is a now playing screen so you can see what music is currently playing.

The app is missing many features that the Android and iOS version have, there is no access to smart home actions or routines so it is really just enabling the voice control. There are just a couple of settings with the app. You can set it to launch on start up and if your PC supports it, there is a Wake Word option so you can trigger Alexa without having to press the button.

You can find the app in the Microsoft Store.

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