The Surface Go is a great devices for taking with you on the go but when it comes to ports there is just the one USB C port and a Surface expansion port. The Surface Dock is a great way of expanding a Surface but it is a premium device costing around £170.

Back when Microsoft launched the Lumia 950 and 950XL they also launched the Microsoft Display Dock (HD-500) designed to enable a desktop like experience from your phone by using it to connect up to a keyboard, mouse and monitor. While the concept was great it did not take off and my 950XL and the dock where gathering dust in the back of a draw.

With the Surface Go having USB C and the dock being USB C I have now have full docking station for my Surface Go. The dock comes with a USB C power supply and USB C cable so all I needed to do is to connect the dock to the Surface via the USB C cable and I can then plug into the dock a monitor (HDMI or DisplayPort) and three devices connected via full sized USB ports. The great thing about the USB C dock is that it also charges up the Surface Go.

Currently the Microsoft Display Dock is on sale on Amazon for £26, which is a bargain!

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  1. It also works with most laptops. My sister got a new Dell AMD laptop last year and needed to run video to a projector and the native HDMI port wouldnt work with it. For sh!7$ and giggles i hooked up my Dock and it worked flawlessly saving the day.

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