Samsung have kept the details of their new Windows Mixed Reality headset quiet so far, but we now have details from Samsung’s website.

The new Odyssey Windows VR headset has a built in Bluetooth receiver meaning you do not have to have a Bluetooth receiver on the PC. This is something that has caught out many new WMR owners finding the desktop doesn’t have Bluetooth which is needed for the controllers.

A new feature is an “Anti-SDE” display which Samsung say is a system of diffusing the pixel light so you do not see the individual pixels (called the screen door effect and reduced the immersion effect). The resolution is still 1440 x 1600 with a 110-degree field of view.

The other changes is that its lighter 590g (it was 645g), its wider and it has a new fabric pad that makes it breathe better so you shouldn’t get steamed up. The front pad is detachable so you can wash it.

The Samsung Odyssey has been the best Windows Mixed Reality on the market. Unfortunately, it has only been available in the US so let’s hope this new devices will be available in other markets.

No official pricing or release dates yet.

Here is Samsung’s explanation of Anti-SDE:

With exclusive, evolutionary, SDE-minimizing Samsung display technology, users can perceive a 1,233ppi-level resolution. A 3.5″ advanced Anti-SDE Dual AMOLED display lets you experience incredibly immersive mixed reality, and break down the boundaries between the real and the virtual.


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