Version 2.2 Pre-Release of the Windows Media Center alternative MediaPortal has been released for tested. It has been some time since the last release of MediaPortal and this new version not only has full media management for local content it introduces online video sources like Amazon Prime.

With 2.2 user management has been improved, there is improved importing tools, a new input manager and improved user interface. If you are still looking for an alternative to Windows Media Center then you should checkout MediaPortal.

Head over to the MediaPortal site for the full change log.

It has been some time since last release, but we were intensively working on the implementation of new features and some fundamental changes in the core of MediaPortal 2. As a result, we proudly present the next major release of MediaPortal 2 in version 2.2.

MediaPortal 2.2 is a full-blown media center software that addresses the most common user requirements out of the box. Besides its TV and Radio services it is also offering a complete media management for movies, series and music, including posters, album and fan art as well as additional metadata (e.g. actor, director and much more) that are automatically downloaded from the internet. MediaPortal 2.2 also provides access to online video sources such as Amazon Prime. Integrated news, weather information and management for your digital images complete this software package.

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