Windows Mixed Reality usage has seen its first significant boost on SteamVR since the November 2017 release. For the last few months, WMR usage has been around 5% but during June, it hit 6.25%. Contributing factors could be reduction in hardware prices and many games adding support Microsoft’s VR devices in SteamVR. Also Microsoft have been adding new features to Windows Mixed Reality including customised home environments.

SteamVR’s survey does not include Windows Mixed Reality games played directly for the native Cliff House or Skyloft but it does give an indication on how games are using the various headsets. The most popular headset on SteamVR is Oculus Rift with 46.26.% followed by HTC Vive 46.56%.

Windows 10 also saw a boot in usage with Windows 10 64bit now the highest usage on Steam with 57.03%

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