Tips on Improving Your Online Presence

Having a strong online presence is beneficial in many ways. People will recognize you as an expert or a professional in a particular field when you maintain a positive online image. You can also market yourself as an expert in your field and gain plenty of opportunities through online channels.

Creating, maintaining, and improving your online presence is important. In this article, however, we are going to focus more on how you can improve your online presence and shape a better image on the internet. Let’s get started, shall we?

Have a Website

Many professionals mistakenly believe that a Medium page or social media accounts are enough. Sure, you can post your thoughts and the valuable insights you want to share on any platform but having a website – your own website – is still a necessity.

Your site acts as the anchor of all your online activities. Social media posts come and go. Platforms get shut down and new ones are created. Your site, however, remains yours to manage. The fact that starting a new site is easy makes the whole thing a must.

You can turn to review sites like for hosting recommendations. Once you have the hosting and domain name set up, you can install a CMS platform like WordPress. Customize the site using themes and start adding your content to attract visitors.

Unify Your Message

It is better to be known as an expert in a specific field than to be ignored doing many things. You want to stick with the field or topic you like the most as part of your online presence. If you enjoy marketing, for instance, choosing marketing as your field gives you a clear direction of what to do with your online presence.

You can share marketing tips, insights from your life as a marketer, and even tools or resources that can help your readers learn about marketing more effectively. The more you share, the more people will recognize you for your marketing prowess.

Keep a consistent message across all of your online outlets. Sending one tip on Facebook and saying the complete opposite as you try to answer a question on Twitter is NOT how you build a strong and credible online presence.


Building a strong online presence is as much about connecting with others as it is about sharing valuable information with a wider audience. There are a few important connections you want to make to strengthen your online presence.

First, you need to connect with the audience. Take the time to answer questions and interact with followers on social media. Even the simplest interaction can strengthen the bond between you and your avid readers.

Next, connect with industry experts and opinion leaders. It takes time to build a reputation and connect with these experts but invest time and you will be highly rewarded in return. Being able to discuss a matter with top experts in your field brings a huge boost to your credibility.

The rest is downhill from here. Use these tips to your advantage and start improving your online presence today.

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