Affiliate marketing has been around for a while so it’s fair to say it’s a tried-and-tested business model. The success of any affiliate program relies on various elements that are in the hands of the marketer: how well their web presence is optimized in terms of relevant keywords; and especially how enthusiastically they engage with their potential customer base via blogging or social media posts.

The other main factor that will determine the viability of each and every affiliate marketing venture in 2018 is completely outwith the business owners’ hands. Trends. These are the aspects of the market that fluctuate, sometimes producing surprise results that immediately boost turnover; on other occasions choking vital income streams.

Search engine optimization

In order to consider whether or not affiliate marketing remains an enterprise option worth persisting with in 2018 it is important to focus on trends, although these are not the only issue that will impact on viability.

There are certain aspects of this business model less prone to see-sawing fortunes. Google and other search engines will still play a key role in driving customers to any outlet. So marketers need to keep perfecting their search engine optimization programs and producing engaging product reviews. Search rankings remain all-important to the success of any affiliate program, so the short answer to the initial question is that affiliate marketing is still a viable model. It is, after all, a classic example of an enterprise that is referral-based.

Consider the process your potential customers go through before alighting on your click-through links. They are still likely to input the name of the product or services they are seeking and request to see reviews of them. Therefore making the most of your affiliate program is still directly proportional to how much effort you are willing to out in to upping your search engine rankings.

Mobile marketing

One particular aspect of affiliate marketing going from strength to strength is mobile marketing, with many novice entrepreneurs getting their first bite at the cherry by sourcing pop traffic. This technology began on desktops some time ago but has made its way onto mobiles, and is all about re-directing site visitors to particular landing pages.

This is ideal for new marketers because it’s currently inexpensive – mobile traffic sources have a very low minimum deposit, especially when compared to, say, Facebook. Also, you focus on building landing pages rather than adverts. Facebook have a habit of looking very unfavorably on anything they perceive as advertising on their patch, so you could well get your account banned for taking affiliate marketing steps. Mobile marketing removes these concerns from the equation as you are not uploading or building adverts on their platform.

Geographic trends

Affiliate markting opportunities will continue presenting themselves, but one thing liable to change is exactly where they will arise. New markets are expanding in Asia, with countries like China, Korea and India representing vast untapped markets. As more and more people in these nations embrace online technology for its convenience, especially when it comes to purchasing products, they will be more amenable to card transactions rather than relying on actual shopping.


Merchant are launching new affiliate programs all the time. As well as retail companies focused on selling their products, web publishers are joining networks to help them monetize their content. Advertisers will increasingly look to niche areas rather than relying on coupon affiliates. Becoming a topoffers affiliate and cpa network is still a highly recommended way for budding affiliate marketers to stay tuned to the subtle, and not-so-subtle, changes in market trends.

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