Want to get to know the world while working? Traveling from Asia to the Americas, or Europe from top to bottom – you can do all this whilst working. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all. Traveling whilst making money through digital means is quite possible.

Before you start to pack your suitcases for your trip, you should, first of all, ask yourself whether you can use your professional background and professional knowledge to earn money on your journey. Do you also speak other languages, ​​or do you want to learn other languages? Do you have certain talents or skills that you can use on your journey to earn money? Or do you just want to make that much money on your trip to earn a living? If you answered yes most of the time, here are a few tips on how you can travel, work, and explore the world differently.

1. Blogging

Of course, that comes first. Yes, it is possible to make money with a blog if you manage to create helpful content. However, a travel blog alone is not the way to happiness – there are far more lucrative industries, such as those on the everyday.

Nevertheless, it is also possible in the travel sector to start an economically successful blog, but that is hard work and does not go from one day to the next. So you have to take care of the content as well as social media, SEO, marketing and the entire monetization topic. But if you have the ambition and the content, you can achieve a passable passive income.

Think about what your interests are and how you can convey that. Have a look at Google, too, what subjects are there? Blogging states that the smaller the niche, the better you can monetize it. Become an expert on a topic. Also, try using apps that can earn you extra cash. A few blogging tips are all you need to get started.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Do you already have a successful website? Then start monetizing your articles by working with Affiliate Marketing. The advantage here: you have no costs for creating the product, do not have to advertise or answer support questions, because that makes everything the operator of the product.

3. Consulting & Service

There are many ways to offer your knowledge as a service on the Internet, such as a Virtual Assistant, SEO optimizer, social media consultant and much more. You can communicate with your clients regularly and make relatively cheap international calls with Viber out.

4. Website Design And Programming

This job is almost predestined if you are on the road as a freelancer. As a web developer, you have the best opportunities to travel and earn money to connect – especially since the wages here are usually quite passable.

If you know how to design and program cool pages, then you have a great advantage when traveling. Unbelievably many companies still have HTML pages from the 1990s and absolutely need a new website. Even many hostels and hotels always have really bad sites. You could travel from hostel to hostel and offer them to redesign them!

Platforms such as Codecanyon (scripts, plugins) and Themeforest (WordPress, HTML, CMS) allow you to offer your product.

5. Online Trading

If you feel at home in the financial sector, this might be a good option – as an online trader, you are merely tied to the opening hours of the exchanges you want to trade. Start by learning the basics and work your way to the top.

6. Teach Languages Online ​​

You will meet many people on your travels who are totally fascinated that you speak not only English but maybe even other languages such as Spanish or French. If you’re really good at it, you can offer courses and also gain such valuable experience abroad and, for example, work in areas where teachers are otherwise poorly educated. You can also sign up online as a teacher on various online teaching courses.

7. Translator

A classic traveler work is a translator of course. If you have appropriate language skills, you can use them to translate websites, flyers or documents for the respective clients.

Since this is a classic freelance job, it is essential to look out for the relevant job openings. However, you should not expect too much in terms of the payment.

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